Happy Thanksgiving Thought Experiment

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving posts are usually about counting our blessings and giving thanks.  Steven Johnson compels us to consider this thought experiment:  If your daily newspaper were published once-in-a-century, and it came out today, what would the banner headline read? This is, indeed, something to be truly grateful for: Human life expectancy at birth […]

Wishing Wisconsin Veterans – and All Vets – Happy Veterans Day!

Wisconsin Veterans enjoy recognition in the We Energies 2021 Cookie Book, Celebrating military service. My wife kicks off the holiday season every year with a trip to the ball park in Milwaukee for the We Energies Cookie Book.  Every year we get multiple copies of a well-produced set of dozens of Christmas Cookie recipes.  Limit […]

What we learn from insects’ kinky sex lives

Kinky Sex What we learn from insects’ kinky sex lives Marlene Zuk:  What we learn from insects’ kinky sex lives A TED Talk from http://www.ted.com/talks/marlene_zuk_what_we_learn_from_insects_kinky_sex_lives The Speaker: Marlene Zuk Evolutionary biologist Marlene Zuk studies insect behavior — and how humans use animal behavior to think about how we behave ourselves. Here’s the full transcript of “What […]

Breeding in the wild

Breeding in the wild is the natural process of animal reproduction occurring in the natural habitat of a given species. This terminology is distinct from animal husbandry or breeding of species in captivity. Breeding locations are often chosen for very specific requirements of shelter and proximity to food; moreover, the breeding season is a particular […]

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